The Greatest Project of Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Ever

People have certain tendency toward what they have or what exists in their house. If distressed kitchen cabinetsbecome the mainstream in this era, we have some inspirations you can try in your kitchen. It is kind of antique distressed kitchen cabinets with white accent which will create a contrast backdrop to your modern room look. Since it can be performed to your house by your effort, there are some tips you can do.

distressed kitchen cabinet

distressed kitchen cabinet

White Distressed Kitchen Cabinets with Antique Look

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To gain distressed kitchen cabinet inspiration in our way you may need to start creating your distressed kitchen cabinets in our way. You can start it by make the drawers and cabinets empty by removing them, removing the knobs and pulls, and setting your hardware aside. Next, wipe down your doors, drawers, and cabinet with water and diluted dish detergent and wait until dry. Afterwards, apply a primer coat with a roller or paintbrush. You need to choose a product which works for the cabinets.

After doing some previous steps previously to make your distressed kitchen cabinets, you need to apply one or two white paint coats of latex to your cabinets. Next, scuff the corners, grooves and edges in the cabinet molding by using sanding block. Open a can containing acrylic glaze then pour the liquid into a mini container. Give an extra ochre pigment based on the directions of glaze for warm and yellow look or give umber for white cabinets.

After all of the previous process for creating distressed kitchen cabinets, brush the glaze on one cabinet which wipe away with the rage to perform a slightly, worn look. Apply also one non yellowing coat, which is polyurethane, to keep the antique white finish of cabinet nice until dry. Reinstall the knobs and pulls of your drawers and cabinets or install the new ones for completing the aesthetical look.

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