Smart Manual of Staining Kitchen Cabinets

Having kitchen cabinets does not only need proper maintenance by cleaning them regularly. If you have more free time and like doing something challenging do some projects in staining kitchen cabinetsis the best way. In this case, we will have you by assisting you during the starting to the finishing. We will give you some staining kitchen cabinet guides to apply as your homework. If you want to know them further, pay attention to what are written below.

staining kitchen cabinets before and after

staining kitchen cabinets before and after

So Easy Guide in Staining Kitchen Cabinets for Beginner

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staining kitchen cabinets

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staining kitchen cabinets ideas

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staining kitchen cabinets darker before and after

staining kitchen cabinets dark

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staining kitchen cabinets darker

staining kitchen cabinets before and after


Before everything in staining kitchen cabinet process begins, you need to provide the materials first. The tools and materials you need for this project include assorted sandpapers, wood stain (in 2 gallons), magnetic tip of screw, cordless drill, router, orbital sander and router bit of v groove. After those goods in staining kitchen cabinets are provided, use your cordless drill attached with screwdriver to remove the doors.

After finishing the first step in staining kitchen cabinets, use your marker and painter’s tape to label the removed door one by one to match for later reinstallation. Afterwards, rout the grooves in such removed doors then apply stain to the grooves which are cut newly before the process of sanding the removed doors. Now, you can sand the doors after the grooves have dried with old finish on your door. Stain the ready doors with two stain coats which allow cure time among the applications due to the direction of stain manufacturer.

After the coat is applied, let the finish of stain to dry completely. Stain and sand the cabinet faces by using the similar staining and sanding techniques for the prepared doors. In sanding it by using orbital sander, you should always sand it with such grain. Finally, re-hang your doors and reinstall your door hardware in simply way after the doors and cabinet are cured fully. Now, staining kitchen cabinetshave been in your house and they have been ready to use.

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